Friday Favorites 5.26.17

Has this year flown by for anyone else? I feel like I was just making 2017 resolutions and praying for summer to come. Now summer is quick on our heels and I am so thankful for everything that has happened this year. Recently I was reflecting on how happy I am with my life and new surroundings. I absolutely love living in California, my quaint beach town, awesome job, and love that I have made friends through the fitness community. Reminding myself extra this week. Here is what I am loving this week

Ritual Vitamins

Image result for ritual vitaminsI recently read this article questioning if the wellness industry is just a fad? I never really thought about how kale, green juice, expensive yoga is truly part of a greater wellness trend. I am not even mad about it because I love the wellness industry. This  I recently started taking Ritual vitamins. Basically an expensive subscription service vitamin company. I don’t particularly enjoy taking them but more so know that they are really good for me and use locally sourced ingredients. Their science is really interesting and I enjoy the overall brand. I am going to keep subscribing!


Master of None Season 2
Related image
Holy cow this season is so well produced. Aziz Ansari is Amazing I think my favorite part of the show is that it is not just about one story line or character but each episode is different and the storytelling is truly a breath of fresh air. For example one episode is strictly about tinder dates while another doesn’t use sound to showcase a deaf character-Brilliant!  I am saving the finale to watch because I don’t want it to be over. 

Ole Henriksen Serums

After testing out the Skin Laundry Glycolic Serum and not seeing any results, I exchanged it at Sephora (Thank you Sephora return policy!) for this Ole Henriksen set. I had tried the truth serum in the past, so I knew I liked it but the night time serum that comes in the kit is amazing. I’ve only been using for a couple days and know it is going to be a staple in my routine. Honorable skincare mention to the new Trader Joe’s Acai scrub that smells like a delicious smoothie.

Rabbits Podcast

Image result for rabbits podcastWas in a serious podcast depression after I finished S-town. It was seriously was one of my favorite podcasts ever, and I think Rabbits has a very similar feel and vibe. The story is very captivating and I am totally sucked into the story line. The website says it is a docu-drama but it tip toes around the lines between real life and fiction! Check it out.






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