Friday Favorites 4.28.17

S Town Podcast: Since I am not commuting for hours anymore for work, my podcast listening has gone down drastically. However I started S-town mid April and holy cow. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Each episode I was hooked. The storytelling is top notch-Would you expect anything different from Ira Glass and Sara Koenig- and the interviews and characters are enchanting. I was hooked and am honestly sad it is oveImage result for s town podcastr.

Hair Oils:I have been using the Verb hair oil for a while now and really enjoy it. Before I was using mostly creme based products, but forgot how well my hair takes to hair oils! Since getting it cut a couple months ago trying to keep it healthy.

Hummus:  True life. I could eat hummus 24/7. I love a variety of different brands/flavors. have even experimented in making my own multiple different times. I find it to be the perfect condiment for almost any meal. And best of all when I am aimlessly looking into my fridge for a snack-its the first thing I grab! Image result for hope hummus

Eye Cream:I have been making more of an effort to put on eye cream. I have so many little samples thanks to Sephora Play box. It is one of the products that I KNOW I should be incorporating into my skincare routine but I do not see any immediate results. This one by Algenist feels very nice.

Harem Pants:On a whim last summer I purchased a Pair of harem esque pants. The kind that are banded at the ankles and waist but otherwise flowy. They are very loose everywhere else. Might have been my best purchase of life. They are perfect for work because they are a slack material and look amazing on. Best part is that I feel like I am wearing pajamas to work. I definately need to invest in another pair.


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