Friday Favorites 3.25.17

The music on HBO’s Big Little Lies: Guys, it is so good. As a non music person I thoroughly enjoy each episode’s music and how well it plays into the story-line. I could listen to the theme song for hours as well as the Alabama Shake’s This Feeling. Check out this Bustle article for a playlist for each episode.

Girls: I am honestly not sure why I am just starting to watch this year. Lena Dunham’s writing and character development is so true and genuine. I love laughing along with the ridiculousness of some of the scenes and relating to the problems of a twenty-something. Finally watching season six and honestly a little sad it is almost over.

Image result for girls hbo

Shine Texts: Motivational quotes just speak to me. I love having little phrases and positive reminders. Shine Texts send daily motivational weekday texts. Either with a goal, or just some positive vibes. When you sign up, you can customize it to what time you receive them and what you want to focus on. I don’t look at them every day, but when I do I like the little reminder that I am awesome.

Image result for shine texts

Dermalogica Cleanser: I received this cleanser in a goody bag at Coffee & Cardio’s Playlist yoga Galentines event and I have been using it ever since. I feel like it really gets all the grime and sweat off my skin-so I especially like using it after a workout. Definitely considering getting a full sized.

Image result for dermalogica cleanser

Chicken Sausage: A very weird thing to like but it makes for the easiest dinner and lunch. The past couple of months my cooking at home has been pretty boring. I stick to a brown rice, sauteed veggies, hummus, and a protein. Because it is already cooked you are really just crisping it up. I really like the brand Aidell and Trader Joes Apple ones.

Image result for aidells chicken sausage


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