Friday Favorites 2.24.17

I am snuggled in bed drinking my freshly brewed-french press coffee. Saturday mornings are some of my favorite because there is no rush to be anywhere or get to work on time. I can relax in my pajamas forever. Anyone with me? I am off to a Farmer’s Market later this morning in search of some seasonal produce and maybe a breakfast pastry?  Hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing weekend. Here are some of my weekly favorites from the past week.

Greetabl. Ever wanting to tell a friend you love them? Or send an extra special thank you to a family member? Greetabl is just for that. They partner with local graphic designers and artisans to send mini boxes with a mini surprise to your loved ones. You pick out your print,  a mini-gift, and then write a message and choose photographs to include in the packaging. Check them out. Have enjoyed sending-such a nice way to say you care.

Image result for greetabl

Reading The South China Sea by Vox I love finding ways to continue learning post-grad. I recently read this article and watched this informational video on the South China Sea and was enlightened. I knew nothing about the subject. I love Vox’s informational videos-very well done! Give it a watch.

Image result for south china sea vox

The Ramen Joint Tonkatsu ramen. I could literally eat this ramen everyday. The broth is super fatty and rich, the pork literally falls apart it is so tender. The Ramen Joint also has the most perfect soft boiled eggs and brown butter corn. Oh man. Didn’t ever experience ramen until I moved to LA.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Perfume: I am so close to pulling the trigger on this. I got it in a Sephora box and the scent is so different from the fruity citrus I usually wear. Plus I got a compliment from a coworker this past week-I may have to treat myself

Image result for elizabeth nirvana rose





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