2016 in review

2016 was one hell of a year to say the least. Two major things happened. I moved from SLC  to LA to June with no job, no life plan. Then I got a job, which I  really enjoy. Even though two very exciting things happened, it wasn’t all daisys and roses.  The first half of 2016 was actually very difficult. I was a college graduate who was jobless.

After graduating in 2015 ,I was physically and emotionally burnt out. I  came off of a unpaid 3 month rigorous  internship  experience and moved back home to my small town in Utah. I thought, I will spend a couple months relaxing, and then magically get my dream job. However that didn’t happen, and reality sunk in. The toughness of the job industry was something I always heard about through the grapevine, or saw in the media. But I never actually stopped to think that it would happen to me. And it did, hard.

Image result for palm tree la

Looking for jobs became excruciating. I cried a lot in 2016. I felt like a failure and that I wasted my very expensive out of state degree from University of Oregon because I couldn’t get hired. It felt like everything I tried wasn’t working.  Getting no responses to my applications was bone crushing. I questioned myself and was embarrassed about being unemployed.  The thing that was most frustrating is I knew I had the skillset. I am smart,dedicated, and passionate. I was upset at the world and how tough finding a job actually was.

Stuck in my situation, something needed to change. So in June 2016 I spontaneously moved to LA to live with my 84 year old grandpa and strictly look for jobs in the southern California region. I packed my Toyota Corolla and made the move down. A new environment and change of scenery was good for my motivation and drive. I had a newfound momentum and positive energy about my situation. I must have applied to over 300 jobs, had countless phone interviews, and multiple in person interviews.

After months and months of hard work and persistence, my dedication and commitment paid off. Long story short,  eventually I landed a job that I am really excited about.  It challenges me in ways I didn’t think were possible and my boss and coworkers are awesome! In the end, it all worked out.

With only a couple of days left in 2016, I feel like I am finally starting my life as an adult. Moving to LA has been a whirlwind. I fell in love with the LA fitness community, explored LA  mainly through my tastebuds, and connected with extended family. As I reflect on 2016, I realize failure is important for growth. I wish I could have told my past self to never doubt yourself. As 2016 comes to a close I am so thankful for friends and family that have supported me and cheered me on! Cheers to new adventures!

2017 I am ready for you!


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