Pilates Plus Silver Lake // Class Pass LA

Pilates Plus Silver Lake

  • Location: Hyperion Plaza, 2630 Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Type:Pilates
  • Bring: Sticky Socks

Although a challenging class, unfortunately I would not go back to Pilates Plus Silver Lake. The studio was not clean, the instructor not very welcoming, and the workout was just okay.


Workout: Pilates Plus uses the Lagree fitness Pilates machines. I am familiar with them, and love the difficulty of them. However the class was nothing special. I was recovering from an inner thigh strain (I know so weird/awkward) and this class had a ton of inner/thigh leg work. Mainly the instructor just said what to do once and then said nothing in between.

Vibe: Honestly the studio felt a little dirty. Compared to other Pilates studios I go to, which are usually Beautifully and artistically designed, this one felt cramped, dirty, and not very upscale. This is one of the main reasons I would not go back (because I can take a similar Lagree Pilates class elsewhere with a friendlier environment)

Parking: AWFUL! I had such a hard time finding parking (granted I did go to an after work 6 PM class), got stuck in traffic, and had to walk blocks to get to the studio.


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