Friday Favorites 8.26.2016

The Night Of

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Christina from Hungry Meets Healthy recently recommended this TV on her blog. It looked right up my alley. I binge watched all six episodes last Friday night. I loved the suspense, and the characters are wonderful. It reflects life in American prisons, is a social commentary on race and minorities, as well as being  a murder mystery. If you liked season 1 of Serial podcast, I think you would like this. There are only 8 episodes in this HBO mini series, and the finale airs this weekend!

Article on Indecisiveness-Read Here

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I am the most indecisive person. My quality of not be able to decide on things, is one of my least favorite traits about myself. Whether it comes to shopping for sweaters, picking a workout class on Class Pass, and especially anything related to food or meal choices. It is always something on the back on my brain that I need to work on. This Fast article  on decision making just spoke to me, and I am going to check out the book mentioned in the article at my library.

Hak’s Packs-One Pot Cooking Sauce


I got this Thai Green curry sauce packet for free when I attended Brunch Con La last weekend. Crafted by celebrity chef Sharone Hakman, they are essentially pre-made sauce packets that can be used as marinades, poaching liquids, or stir-frys( like I did). I sauteed some green beans, onions, zucchini, and chicken in olive oil first then added the sauce packet and served it over brown rice! The flavor on this was phenomenal packed full of ginger and curry. It was also a very easy dinner and took less than 30 minutes. I also bought a second one-Rustic Ratatouille at TJMAXX for $2.29( more boring than the first, but still good)


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I just bought a phone case that is in a classic marbled design. But didn’t stop there because I also purchased some flat note cards that are marbled. And am debating buying a new laptop cover in the same print. Am I crazy? Probably. I just love the simple modern look of it.

Note cards

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I am a stationary hoarder. I love all types of to do lists, fancy pens, planners, and sticky notes. It just makes me really happy. Some of my favorite stationary purchases are note cards; and I really do enjoy writing letters. The target dollar spot and TJ MAXX are some of my favorite places to find cute stationary.


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