Give Strength Review // Class Pass LA

Give Strength

  • Location: 120 E Broadway Glendale,  91205
  • Type: Strength Training and Cycling
  • Bring: Tennis Shoes

I was so excited to try this new fitness studio that was recently added to Class Pass. Give Strength combines HIT Interval training with cycling. The moto of Give Strength is “fitness with a purpose” and portions of each class purchased will be donated to one of their seasonal charities. The owners Stephanie and Brad were so nice and made me feel welcomed. They were beyond sweet. I was the only person that showed up to the 5:00 time-So I basically got my own personal training session!

The Workout: The 50 minute class is split up into two sections: Strength training and cycling. The first section is HIT Interval Training. There were six exercises and each exercise was repeated 3 times with 15 second breaks in between. The day I went we did:  split lunges, jumping squats, chest presses, walking planks, more squats, and mountain climbers. This first section is supposed to be like a roller-coaster, switching from more intense cardio exercises to more strength training ones (to recover). At the end, I felt like I was going to pass out (in the best way possible). It was hard-I LOVED it. Brad was great at keeping you motivated, even when you wanted to stop. He also made sure I had the correct form.

The next section was cycling. I haven’t had the best experience with cycling in the past so I was a little nervous. However this cycling was great because it was only half the class (about 20ish minutes). There was no crazy darkness or wierd movements. Very easy to follow along.

I can not wait to go back! I really loved the workout! It is a sweaty one and I enjoyed the format of half strength training half cycling. The owners are beyond nice and I can tell they really care about their clients.

Parking: 90 minute free parking garage across the street-very easy.

Vibe: I loved the Eucalyptus towels at the end. The studio is very clean and bright, and has great windows at the front.


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