Class Pass LA 2nd Month Review

I am officially “living the sweaty life”. I passed my 50th class mark (YAY!!)  and am still loving the variety and experiences ClassPass offers.  I have been going pretty religiously 7 days a week and find it easy to incorporate classes into my routine. I am seeing changes in both how I feel and in my body. This past month I have become addicted to pilates and have been enjoying trying different teachers and  studios. I even took a couple twice in a row! Here is a quick snapshot at what my past ClassPass cycle looked like!

July/August Monthly Snapshot

  • Number of classes: 29
  • Price per class: $6.03 (175$ a month)
  • Types of classes breakdown:
    • Barre-8
    • Pilates-13
    • Strength Training-5
    • Other-3
  • Total number of new studios tried: 8
  • Studios I maxed out (went to 3 times): Motivate Glendale, Wundabar Montrose, Pop Physique, Bar Method Pasadena

5 Winners and 1 Losers

  • Studio that didn’t give corrections: Pilates Plus Silver Lake

My Class Pass to-do list

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp
  2. Mvm Theory dance class
  3. Arial silks class
  4. Cryotherapy in Santa Monica-because why not? Loved It!
  5. A cycle class that doesn’t make me hate cycling –Tried the cult favorite-Cycle House
    September Additions:
  6. Dance related class like Zumba
  7. Incorporate more strength training into this next month

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