Friday Favorites 9.19.2016

Trader Joe’s Bollywood Popcorn

I first saw this on “What’s good at Trader Joe’s” blog and knew instantly I had to try it. And Holy Hell, this popcorn is amazing. Trader Joe’s just gets flavored popcorn. Not that it is actually hard to mess up but remember the pickle-flavored popcorn earlier this year? Well this Bollywood one tops that! It tastes exactly like the Indian dish tikka masala, but in popcorn form. The Indian spices are a perfect combination. It is the best crunchy snack, and I may or may not have devoured half a bag in one 10 minute sitting. Oops.

Bachelor in Paradise

It is an absolute travesty that I have never watched this show before. In my opinion it is 1000 x better than The Bachelor. The intro sequence alone is hysterical. Everything, including the hilarious editing, is so over the top and surreal. I just am constantly laughing watching this show and it is a nice break from real life.

Solo Events// BrunchCon

On a whim I decided to attend an LA Brunch Convention. For 50$ you got 15 tickets to sample all sorts of brunch food and cocktails from LA based companies. Everything from breakfast burritos, French toast, waffles, bahn mi bowls, croque madams with quail eggs, nitro cold brews, mimosas, and bloody marys. I was in absolute heaven. I decided to go solo to the event and had the best time tasting everything.

Zella toe socks

These sticky socks are just grippy enough and super breathable. They are the kind where your toes are exposed which I like for my Pilates classes. Got these during a Nordstrom anniversary sale and would buy again!

Cold Brew Coffee

I currently have 3 different iced coffees in my fridge at the moment. One from Trader Joe’s (too bitter and gross), one from International Delight (Just tastes like chocolate milk-I don’t think there is actually any coffee in there) and my favorite from Stok. After trying a quite a few, this Colorado-based cold brew company is the bomb. Slightly sweetened, it is just strong enough and tastes delicious.There is something so refreshing about making one iced in the afternoon! Hits the spot, and is half the price of ordering one out.


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