Friday Five 8.5.2016 / Friday Favorites

Philosphy shower gel

I randomly picked up a mini of this shower gel at a garage sale for 25 cents. A quarter! What a bargain. I wasn’t expecting much out of it, but I am addicted to this scent. It smells exactly like a fresh baked funnel cake and has become one of the best parts of my shower routine. Unfortunately I think it is a limited release holiday scent.

Pilates Classes

Pilates classes are quickly becoming some of my favorite workouts on ClassPass. There is so much you can do on a Pilates reformer machine. Although it can be a little technical at first, when you understand the movement, you instantly feel the burn! I still love Motivate Glendale, and just last week tried a jump board class at Saran Pilates.

New Planner

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 2.03.45 PM.png

I fully confess that I am that weirdo who gets excited by planners and stationary. I recently picked up one from the new Sugar Paper LA collection at Target. It has a new design layout where the right side is the days of the week while the left side has different lists (to call, to email, to-do, don’t forget).

Trader Joe’s Sun Dried Tomatoes

These sun-dried tomatoes have elevated my Mediterranean dishes. I use them in almost everything. I add them to pizza, toss them in a salad, and even add them to my morning egg scrambles. A new trick I have found is to use the oil that comes in the jar for my scrambled eggs instead of butter. It is so flavorful and is 10x better than regular olive oil.

Essie Base Coat

Every time I do my nails, I use this ridge filling base coat. I don’t have ridges in my nails, but for me helps my nail polish last all day. Current polish on my nails is Essie’s “Status Symbol” and on my toes is Kiko’s “Mint Milk”


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