Class Pass: First Month Review

I did it! I joined Class Pass Los Angeles and completed my first month. One of the main reasons I joined Class Pass LA in the first place was because I wanted to explore different areas, get out of my comfort zone, and meet new people. I am so proud to have done so many classes this month! Here’s a roundup of my first month testing out Class Pass Los Angeles.Month Snapshot

  • Number of classes: 24 (in a 30 day cycle)
  • Price per class: $7.30 (175$ a month)
  • Types of classes breakdown:
    • Barre-7
    • Pilates-9
    • Strength Training-6
    • Yoga-1
  • Total number of new studios tried: 14
  • Studios I maxed out (went to 3 times): WundaBar, Pure Barre, The Bar Method

Pros: I love the versatility and flexibility of Class Pass. I can decide every day what kind of fitness workout I want to do. I tend to get bored easily in a routine so this is perfect for my fitness needs. After the hump of learning what each studio is about (and correct form) you can really get some great unique workouts. I also like that I discovered some new favorites. As a Barre lover, I loved getting to try out two new barre studios. I also surprised myself to find a new genre that I am in love with-Pilates. Pilate’s classes can be very expensive so this is a huge bonus. Another pro is that I can take from any of the many studios (even while I am in a new area or visiting my Nana in North Hollywood). I also like how I can shape my experience. I tend to lean towards smaller classes and ones in which the instructors really focus on helping you have correct form.

Cons: For your first month it is kind of annoying to sign the waiver and arrive 15 minutes early to every class you start. However, after that initial sign up, you are good to go. Another con as opposed to joining a single fitness studio is you don’t get the community or connection. Teachers don’t recognize your name (at first), and it is harder to make friends when you are only there 3 times a month. And lastly, in my personal opinion I felt as though a couple of the studios/instructors didn’t treat you the same because you were part of Class Pass. Because you are not investing in their studio everyday at one or two I got weird vibes from some of the instructors or staff. (Also quick note is I am not a fan of the 12-hour advance cancel notice)

7 Winners and 2 Losers

One note I would be aware of is where you live in location to the studios. Also recognize your first couple of weeks takes some planning (where they are located, what to bring, how early to arrive to sign up). For me I knew going in that I would be doing a lot of driving because I live in an obscure area. I also started out by planning out my weeks (4 days in advance) but found that it was less stressful for me to just book it the morning of. (I have only had an issue once where the class I wanted was full the day of)

In the end I decided to renew my class pass subscription for the month of July/August. I really did enjoy the month and even with all the driving I decide to renew my subscription (Even with the high price point). I have enjoyed my first month experience and thought the versatility outweighed the minor cons. Excited for another month of Class Pass!

My August Class Pass To-Do list

  • Barry’s Bootcamp
  • MVM Theory dance class
  • Aerial silks class
  • Cryotherapy in Santa Monica-because why not?
  • A cycle class that doesn’t make me hate cycling

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