Pilates Plus Studio City / Class Pass LA Review

Day 12: Pilates Plus Studio City

  • Location: 13205 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
  • Genre: Pilates

Workout:This workout lasted forever; I seriously thought it would never end. Pilates Plus uses the “Lagree Fitness Method” and the same Megaformers as Motivate Glendale. However the classes and studios are completely different. While Motivate Glendale has been one of my favorite ClassPass studios, I really didn’t enjoy this workout or studio. The entire class was spent on working on our legs on the Megaformer. We did carousel kicks, split lunges, and elevator lunges. Each move was done for a long period of time. Instead of switching it up and adding pulses or holds, each exercise was done repeatedly for a longer period of time. This made the hour drag on.

The instructor, Lisa, didn’t give a ton of corrections either. She was eating during class and didn’t seem to want to check on correct form. (As you can tell this is one of my biggest pet peeves. One of my favorite thing about group fitness is not only the fun atmosphere and group led classes but that you get some attention from the teachers to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly). Instead of feeling confident and energized after class, Pilates Plus left me feeling defeated and uninterested in coming back.

Parking: I had the hardest time finding parking. It may be because I chose a Saturday afternoon class. It was very stressful to find parking and took me a little while to find a spot in the residential area behind the studio.

Vibe: I liked the giant mirrors inside the studio.


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