Sandbox Fitness / Class Pass LA Review

Day 11: Sandbox fitness Surfest 101

  • Location:
  • Genre: Strength Training

Sandbox Fitness was one of the reasons I started looking into Class Pass. This studio has a ton of hype and is all over Instagram. When I joined, Sandbox Fitness was the first studio I put on my list that I needed to try-I was so excited to try this class.

Workout:All of their workouts are in the Sandbox-it is huge! They have a ton of different class options but two main categories: strength-training/TRX and “Surfset” (strength, yoga, etc.). Their Surfset classes are done entirely on their  surfboard which acts as a balance board. It is an actual surfboard that is on squishy balls that is very wiggly. Because it is on these balls, it leans in all directions. Stepping on for the first time it was way harder than I expected it to be. It is a very unique experience and there is nothing I can even compare it to. For my first time, I chose a Surfset 101 class. This is a basic class and is introductory to some of their other Surfset classes. It is in no way basic though as far as sweat-level or easy. It is a very challenging workout. The entire workout was spent with the board. We did everything from burpees on top of the surfboard; squat jumps from the sand onto the board, chest presses, balancing, and lunges.

Vibe: It’s Sand! A giant sand box! How can you not be happy in this studio? The inside has a very beachy feel which I love!

Parking: Plenty of street parking around the corner in the residential neighborhood.

Fun Fact: One minor comment is that even though I knew the workout was in sand, I didn’t really understand that I would be sandy. Especially when sweaty, the sand just sticks even more to your skin. Driving home in sand, is not for the OCD.


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