Pop Physique Pasadena / Class Pass LA Review

Day 8: Pop Physique Pasadena

  • Location: 59 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Bring: Sticky socks

I am always surprised how similar, yet different barre classes are. I think I tend to gravitate towards barre workouts for many reason. One is that I come from a dancer/ballet background, in which a lot of the moves are inspired by. And two is that most barre workouts focus on little movements that give you real results. Even though you only use small weights I can always tell a difference in the way my body looks and feels. Barre classes also tend to be very choreographed with lots of variations so you don’t get bored. Which I prefer to someone telling me to do 10 reps. I like that each Barre class is unique and different yet tones in a similar way.

Workout: Pop physique was wonderful and I really enjoyed it and had fun. I noticed the most difference from other barre classes in the ab and seat sections. The seat work was spent all on the floor (for this particular class) basically doing one-legged bridges. For the abs, there was a section that used a strap against the barre lying down that was surprisingly challenging. It was just a static hold with pressure against the barre from your arms to your abs. Overall thought it was an upbeat and fun experience that incorporated my favorite elements of barre.

Vibe: I immediately fell in love with their neon pink accessories. Everything from the balls to the weights are colorful! This location is underground and beneath a shopping section, so it has a real grunge vibe. The raw concrete walls, exposed ceilings, and rusted bar give it an urban grunge feel. Unlike Pure Barre where the floors are carpeted and padded, at Pop Physique there are hard floors and you use mats for most of the workout.

Parking: Same free 90 minute parking structure that you use for Pure Barre Pasadena-Only 2 blocks away.

Fun Fact: There are a couple of cute little shops above the studio including a flower shop and a pie café! If my parking meter weren’t about to expire you would bet I would have grabbed pie to go! I am now regretting my non-pie decision.


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