Pedal Spin / Class Pass LA Review

Day 7: Ultimate Warrior: Total Body @ Pedal Spin Montrose

  • Location: 2236 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020
  • Genre: It is a Spin studio, but the class I took was a non-spin strength training class.
  • Bring: Tennis shoes

When you get handed a towel before your workout, be scared….very scared.

Workout: All kidding aside this was a very challenging workout. You know the point when you kind of feel like you want to vomit or pass out because you are pushing your body so hard? We reached that within the first 15 minutes of class. The class was basically a HIT/ Tabata style workout. The entire 60 minutes was 30 seconds of doing an exercise, than 10-second rest. Each move was done repeated 2-3 rounds. We did everything from jumping jacks, push-ups, ice-skaters, burpees, jump squats, Spider man pushups, mountain climbers, and tons of lunges. The instructor, Anthony, was in his ‘50s and ripped! (Seriously he could have been a body builder) When I felt like giving up, he would come over and give me some motivation/technique tips.

I know what you are thinking, isn’t Pedal Spin a spinning studio? And yes, I am the type of person to take a cardio class at a spin studio. Maybe someday spin will grow on me, but my previous experiences have been less than enjoyable. It is cool that a spin studio offers other classes, and I would in fact take it again.

Studio Vibe: Very narrow space. All of the class participants lined up facing the mirror!

Parking: Lots of free 3 hour parking around studio but you may have to walk a couple blocks. When I went at 6:00 PM,  Montrose was packed!


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