June Favorites 2016 / Currently June

Happy Fourth of July! I hope your day is filled with fireworks, lots of watermelon, and patriotic pride. Here are my favorites and what I have been up to for the month of June.

Currently watching: Game of Thrones consumed my life in June. Every Sunday I was watching the new episode, reading tweets & episode reviews, and recapping  with my brother via texts. Season 6 was so AMAZING, and I am in denial now that it is over. I need my GOT fix. My best friend finally got hooked onto the show (Hi Meghan!), which provided tons of great Game of Throne chats about conspiracy theories, plot twists, favorite characters. (Mine was Margaery—How could she?)

Currently Eating:This turkey burger recipe from Skinny Taste is beyond mouthwatering. In the California heat, grilling outside is the only way to cook in summer. Below is proof how much I love this recipe from a tweet two years ago!

Currently Drinking: All the boba. I showed my brother my Instagram account attached to my new blog (shameless plug @racheldoesla) over the weekend and he said, “Wow you must really like boba.” LOL! I am a serious tea fanatic and take my milk teas quite seriouslyboba

Current Purchase: My new room décor curtsey of target. Seriously why do they have such cute stuff? Target is my happy place. Really liking my motivational tapestry and comforter. tapestryCurrent Workout: Motivate Glendale has been my favorite recently. (Review coming soon!) The instructor not only had an awesome class that left me shaking, but also played Beyoncé, old school J.Lo and Pussycat Dolls

Current beauty addiction(s): Since it is near impossible to pick near one…

  • Bite Beauty Lipstick in Kimchi
    • True Story: Lost it for a hot second and literally went on a rampage around my house trying to find it. Was two steps away from purchasing the full size on Sephora because I love it that much! This one’s a keeper.
  • TRESemme Beauty-Full volume reverse hair care system
    • Tried a foil packet sample and enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the full size. Basically you put the conditioner in first, and then finish with shampoo. I think it speeds up my shower routine because why the conditioner is sitting I can wash my face and body, shave, etc. Plus it leaves my hair soft! Win, win.
  • Benefit Brow Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Shade #3
    • Truth be told I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup this summer. However when I do decide to look like an actual human being and put effort in, brows are my #1 thing. When I first got this as a freebie from Ulta I thought I would hate it. I thought the color was too cool and the pencil too large. However, I love the lighter color of the pencil, and the shape is super easy to to use. I am  considering buying the full size of this Goof Proof Brow Pencil .

Current Social Media obsession:Chad Johnson from the Bachelorette on Snap Chat. Just trust me.Current Gifs that describe my life:When you call in to a radio station thinking your going to win Disneyland tickets


But then realize that you never,ever win


When you are on your way to workout and there is no traffic on the  LA freeways


When you realize how expensive coffee in LA is


But then understand how delicious the LA food scene is



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