Club Pilates Glendale / Class Pass LA

Day 6: Club Pilates

  • Location: 1354 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205
  • Genre: Pilates
  • Bring Sticky Socks

Workout: Being only my second Pilates class ever, I appreciated this class and helpful instructor-Nancy. This Pilates experience was so much more enjoyable than my previous one at WundaBar. Nancy was great at really focusing on form and describing the movements. I was a little bit less intimidated because the instructor was attentive and very descriptive about the types of movements. As a newbie, she came over and checked to see if I was doing it correctly multiple times. Nancy truly made this class.

As for the actual workout, all of the class was spent on the reformer focusing on arms, abs, and legs, while using the reformer and straps.  At this class I learned how important form is. If you are doing the moves correctly on the reformer, it is truly a difficult and challenging workout! All of my muscles ached. There was also a killer plank series at the end.

Vibe: Very clean and modern. They also have a great water filtration system-very cool! Although no separate closed off lobby, they have cubbys and benches in the waiting area with their merchandise.

Parking: free lot behind building!

Fun Fact:Located in a very safe part of town, plus there is a Starbucks next door!


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