The Bar Method Studio City / Class Pass LA

Day 4-The Bar Method Studio City

  • Location : 11239 Ventura Blvd #214, Studio City, CA 91604
  • Genre: Barre
  • Bring Sticky Socks

One of my best friends, Jenna swears by Bar Method. I went with her once earlier this year near San Fransisco, but other than that have no previous experience. I was excited to explore my love of barre and take from a different studio

Workout: This was by far one of my favorite workouts of the week! Everything from the instructor to the actual class was amazing. I was a little worried at first because it was a weekend class and there were close to 30 people. Usually bigger classes tend to be less organized and more chaotic. However, this was not the case.

The class was very organized, and the instructor Caroline was great at giving personal corrections while still making sure everyone knew what was going on. Part of the reason I loved it so much was because of Caroline! She was so welcoming and tried to remember everyone’s name and was very upbeat and cheerful (without being annoying). Caroline’s class was also KILLER! I was shaking from the beginning, and her seat section was one that I felt instantly! She did all standing seat-which usually scares me, but hers was awesome! Honestly can’t wait to go back and take her class again at Bar Method.

Studio Vibe: Although located in a weird area, the studio is beautiful! Everything is very pristine and open. The locker room is packed with lockers with free keys to use, showers, and a nice toiletry area with hair dryers. They also have free lemon water and coffee in their lounge area.

Parking: Because the studio is located in a mall near Michaels, there is tons of Free parking in the lot above or the underground garage.

Fun Fact: Bar Method is different than Pure Barre in that they have a lot more props and there is a little bit more stretching in between exercises. It is the same in that they focus on tiny movements and there is till a focus on “tucking”.


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