InYoga Center / Class Pass LA

Day 5-InYoga Center

  • Location: 5142 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village, CA 91607
  • Genre:Yoga

I’m not going to lie. A lot of ClassPass workouts are hard! Especially when just starting out, your body goes into exhaustion. I might have been pushing myself too hard my first week, so I decided on a Yoga class.

Workout: By day five I was exhausted! My muscles were sore, and I was starting to feel the changes in my body. I really did not want to go to a cardio class so instead I chose yoga. I have very little experience with yoga, but do remember that I loved Restorative from my previous yoga studio.

Also nicknamed sleepy time yoga, it is a chance to clear your head and release your muscles. Usually restorative is 5 poses held for 7-10 minutes each. All on the ground using props to support your body. Be warned- this is not a workout class at all! It is mostly a stretching and relaxing class. The one at InYoga was good, the instructor Aimee came around and helped make sure people were in the right position or helped give modifications. This class used more props than I was used to, so getting into the poses took some work. It was a nice relaxing hour to help stretch out my muscles.

Studio Vibe:Very clean. InYoga Center has a wonderful waiting area with comfy pillows and cushions. Sometimes I fell like yoga studios can smell funky, but this one didn’t.

Parking: free lot behind studio


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