Keen Fitness / Class Pass LA

Day 3: Keen Fitness

  • Location: 2662 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020
  • Genre: Strength Training, Kickboxing

Workout: I love the concept of Keen. It is basically a warehouse that has a kickboxing section and open floor. They offer tons of different classes and types of fitness. The one I took was circuit training from Juliana. It was 15 minutes of arms, 15 minutes legs, and 10 minutes abs, with a mile run warm-up around the block. This is something I could see incorporating into my workout regimen frequently because of how it is strictly building muscle. I often get intimated going into a weight room by myself and trying to do free weights or the machines. Who really wants people watching and judging you? Because this is a group led fitness class, there is no guesswork and absolutely no judgment! The arm section was all free weights (I chose 10 pounds total) Think bicep curls, triceps, shoulder raises, etc. While the legs section was lots of squats and lunges. It reminded me a lot of going to the gym and lifting weights, but in a group setting with someone checking your form and motivating you.

Studio Vibe: Open gym, very pink. Also have a nice check in area. You can buy water for a dollar. Also my instructor, Juliana,  was so warm and welcoming. Introduced me to fellow classmates at the beginning of class.

Parking: They share a parking lot with a couple of other businesses but also have free street parking near the residential area on other side.

 Good to Note: Most classes require boxing gloves but Juliana’s Circuit training does NOT!


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