Pure Barre Pasadena / Class Pass LA

Day 2: Pure Barre Pasadena

  • Location: 107 S Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Genre: Barre
  • Bring: Sticky Socks required

I have done Pure Barre for years, both at PB Draper and PB Portland. Out of all the barre classes, Pure Barre is my absolute favorite. So I was excited to try a new studio location and take a class I was familiar and comfortable with.

Workout: Pure Barre is my favorite barre studio because of how challenging the workout is. Often I find that other barre studios tend to lean more on the yoga side, while PB leans more on cardio. These classes are extremely hard for me, and I always come out drenched in sweat! Every Pure Barre Class is the same in that there is a warm-up, 3 leg exercises, 2 seat exercises, an abdominal section both against the wall and the center of the room, and a 2-minute bridge at the end. (All with stretching in between) However each class is always different because the moves for each section vary. I also love Pure Barre because of the community and support. The teachers will publicly call out positive reinforcements, and give tons of personal corrections individually. My Pasadena instructor Gina, was extremely warm and welcoming and gave great corrections. Her class was awesome and one of the harder classes I have taken. I was quickly reminded how hard Pure Barre is for me after no going consecutively 4x a week. 10/10 for an upbeat, challenging workout!

Studio Vibe: The Pasadena studio is designed beautifully. It is in an older building and has this gorgeous brick wall. It also has very cool windows with lots of light and a chandelier. Walking in, the studio has a great lobby with a comfy couch area. Another nice touch was the bathroom was packed with products, in case you forget any (Deodorant/facial wipes/hairbands).

Parking: 90 minute free in parking structure one block down from studio. When I went at 12:00, the structure was packed and I was very luck to find a spot. Buyers Beware: unfortunately I stayed for 100 minutes and got charged $2.

Fun Fact: The surrounding area is very trendy and has tons of great little shops. Afterwards I stopped and got a boba tea at 85C Bakery and Café that was the perfect treat.


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