Class Pass LA : WundaBar Pilates

When I found out that I was moving to Los Angeles, one of the first things I thought was that I wanted to Join Class Pass LA. I am a group fitness junkie/barre addict and wanted to incorporate working out into my new LA routine.

That being said, the reason that I struggled in the past to keep a constant workout routine for more than 6 months was that I get bored easily. That is why I was super excited to join Class Pass. Basically, you get to take class at practically any studio in Los Angeles (and other major cities) for a fixed monthly rate. The only catch is that you can only take 3 classes from one studio a month. Class Pass is basically forcing you to try a bunch of different studios and types of classes. If you are interested in joining Class pass, Here is a LINK.  On this blog, I plan to document and review new classes I take through Class Pass.

Day 1: WundaBar Pilates Montrose

  • Location: 2303 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA 91020
  • Genre: Pilates

Workout: This was my first day back into working out after a 3 month hiatus in addition to my first time trying Pilates, so I was a little nervous to say the least. Walking in to the studio, you see a row of Pilates machines in front of a mirror. Just looking at the row of reformers with all the levers and equipment was scary enough. The instructor, Brandon, was  helpful at the beginning of class. He described what each part of the machine was called and the different color resistant springs.

The actual workout was different from anything I have done before. A lot of the workout was spent on the body of the reformer and using different muscles/resistance to “glide” yourself along the platform. Even though I knew the gist of what Pilates was about, nothing could have prepared me to how reformers work or the burn I felt. It is definitely one of those things you have to try and see for yourself. It was a total body workout. I found the workout challenging, even though it was a slower pace.

My only quip was during the workout the instructor was “gossiping” with a fellow instructor during class. He didn’t walk around and give feedback nor did he make sure you were using the machine correctly or were in the right alignment. There were only 4 people in class so there was plenty of opportunity to check in. That being said it could have been an off day and the class was still hard and challenging for me. When I did ask him a question, he came over and helped me. I will go back and take from a different instructor to see if my experience changes because I actually did enjoy the workout. Was not a huge deal, but slightly disappointing.

Studio Vibe: I arrived 30 minutes early (part in fear of being late or not being able to find parking). I went to walk into the studio but there is virtually no lobby or waiting room. If going to the Montrose studio, I would be sure not to arrive too early as there was nowhere to hang out inside without disturbing the previous class.

Parking: Metered parking out front on the street, optional free Chase Bank parking across the street.


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