Friday Favorites 5.26.17

Has this year flown by for anyone else? I feel like I was just making 2017 resolutions and praying for summer to come. Now summer is quick on our heels and I am so thankful for everything that has happened this year. Recently I was reflecting on how happy I am with my life and new surroundings. I absolutely love living in California, my quaint beach town, awesome job, and love that I have made friends through the fitness community. Reminding myself extra this week. Here is what I am loving this week

Ritual Vitamins

Image result for ritual vitaminsI recently read this article questioning if the wellness industry is just a fad? I never really thought about how kale, green juice, expensive yoga is truly part of a greater wellness trend. I am not even mad about it because I love the wellness industry. This  I recently started taking Ritual vitamins. Basically an expensive subscription service vitamin company. I don’t particularly enjoy taking them but more so know that they are really good for me and use locally sourced ingredients. Their science is really interesting and I enjoy the overall brand. I am going to keep subscribing!


Master of None Season 2
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Holy cow this season is so well produced. Aziz Ansari is Amazing I think my favorite part of the show is that it is not just about one story line or character but each episode is different and the storytelling is truly a breath of fresh air. For example one episode is strictly about tinder dates while another doesn’t use sound to showcase a deaf character-Brilliant!  I am saving the finale to watch because I don’t want it to be over. 

Ole Henriksen Serums

After testing out the Skin Laundry Glycolic Serum and not seeing any results, I exchanged it at Sephora (Thank you Sephora return policy!) for this Ole Henriksen set. I had tried the truth serum in the past, so I knew I liked it but the night time serum that comes in the kit is amazing. I’ve only been using for a couple days and know it is going to be a staple in my routine. Honorable skincare mention to the new Trader Joe’s Acai scrub that smells like a delicious smoothie.

Rabbits Podcast

Image result for rabbits podcastWas in a serious podcast depression after I finished S-town. It was seriously was one of my favorite podcasts ever, and I think Rabbits has a very similar feel and vibe. The story is very captivating and I am totally sucked into the story line. The website says it is a docu-drama but it tip toes around the lines between real life and fiction! Check it out.






Friday Favorites 4.28.17

S Town Podcast: Since I am not commuting for hours anymore for work, my podcast listening has gone down drastically. However I started S-town mid April and holy cow. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. Each episode I was hooked. The storytelling is top notch-Would you expect anything different from Ira Glass and Sara Koenig- and the interviews and characters are enchanting. I was hooked and am honestly sad it is oveImage result for s town podcastr.

Hair Oils:I have been using the Verb hair oil for a while now and really enjoy it. Before I was using mostly creme based products, but forgot how well my hair takes to hair oils! Since getting it cut a couple months ago trying to keep it healthy.

Hummus:  True life. I could eat hummus 24/7. I love a variety of different brands/flavors. have even experimented in making my own multiple different times. I find it to be the perfect condiment for almost any meal. And best of all when I am aimlessly looking into my fridge for a snack-its the first thing I grab! Image result for hope hummus

Eye Cream:I have been making more of an effort to put on eye cream. I have so many little samples thanks to Sephora Play box. It is one of the products that I KNOW I should be incorporating into my skincare routine but I do not see any immediate results. This one by Algenist feels very nice.

Harem Pants:On a whim last summer I purchased a Pair of harem esque pants. The kind that are banded at the ankles and waist but otherwise flowy. They are very loose everywhere else. Might have been my best purchase of life. They are perfect for work because they are a slack material and look amazing on. Best part is that I feel like I am wearing pajamas to work. I definately need to invest in another pair.

Friday Favorites 3.25.17

The music on HBO’s Big Little Lies: Guys, it is so good. As a non music person I thoroughly enjoy each episode’s music and how well it plays into the story-line. I could listen to the theme song for hours as well as the Alabama Shake’s This Feeling. Check out this Bustle article for a playlist for each episode.

Girls: I am honestly not sure why I am just starting to watch this year. Lena Dunham’s writing and character development is so true and genuine. I love laughing along with the ridiculousness of some of the scenes and relating to the problems of a twenty-something. Finally watching season six and honestly a little sad it is almost over.

Image result for girls hbo

Shine Texts: Motivational quotes just speak to me. I love having little phrases and positive reminders. Shine Texts send daily motivational weekday texts. Either with a goal, or just some positive vibes. When you sign up, you can customize it to what time you receive them and what you want to focus on. I don’t look at them every day, but when I do I like the little reminder that I am awesome.

Image result for shine texts

Dermalogica Cleanser: I received this cleanser in a goody bag at Coffee & Cardio’s Playlist yoga Galentines event and I have been using it ever since. I feel like it really gets all the grime and sweat off my skin-so I especially like using it after a workout. Definitely considering getting a full sized.

Image result for dermalogica cleanser

Chicken Sausage: A very weird thing to like but it makes for the easiest dinner and lunch. The past couple of months my cooking at home has been pretty boring. I stick to a brown rice, sauteed veggies, hummus, and a protein. Because it is already cooked you are really just crisping it up. I really like the brand Aidell and Trader Joes Apple ones.

Image result for aidells chicken sausage

Sephora Play February 2017 Review

In honor of my new March Sephora Box arriving today I thought I would review last month’s box. Even though I wasn’t impressed with most of the products this past month-I still find that I like trying new things. Unlike other subscription boxes I have tried-I like the quality of brands Sephora picks from.

Tom Ford Neroli Portifino Perfume: I have worn this quite a bit since I got it. It is quite nice. To me, it is a very clean scent with citrus undertones. It is really enjoyable when I put it on, but one thing I have noticed is it doesn’t last as long and the scent wears off. I also think I may like it because of the Tom Ford brand.

Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew: I was really disappointed when I got this. For two reasons one, I really wanted the other choice which was the Nars velvet lipstick. Second, I already owned three full sized bite multisticks. However this has turned into my favorite of the box. I already knew I enjoyed the formula and texture. But the color on this is fantastic-it is a greige taupe something I do not own in my lipstick repertoire. I have been reaching for this a ton and have really enjoyed wearing it when I don’t want to go too bold! Might be my favorite color out of the 4 I own now.

Sephora Collection Mascara: I am a mascara hoarder. I really don’t like to start one until I have finished a whole tube. Most of the Sephora play box mascaras I have received are just sitting in a drawer somewhere. Just counted-all 5 I have received have yet to be tried.

Clinique Start Hydro Blur Moisturizer: I am always excited about skincare samples. I love trying new skin essentials. Moisturizers are typically pretty run of the mill for me, but I hated this one. The texture is like a thick balm or paste. It did not feel good going on and I think the greasiness may have broken me out. It also claims it “blurs imperfections” but I found no such claim true. I usually will use them up-but this one is going in the trash.

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy: Maybe I am stuck in my ways, but I just don’t like gloss. I would rather wear a lipstick. Gloss is too much fuss because it doesn’t stay put and gets stuck in your hair. Passed this one on to a friend.

Currently February 2017

Currently Watching: Big Little Lies This show feels refreshing. I don’t know what I thought it would be but nothing like this. I am loving the mirrored story-lines between the Mothers and their children. Also that it is has a “murder mystery” element to it. The acting in this one is too good. Holding out reading the book till the series ends. As much as I love Netflix, HBO is killing it-Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Big Little Lies-3 knockouts.

Image result for big little lies hbo

Currently Cooking: I picked up Marion’s Kitchen Green Curry  box mix on a whim last week. I have tried almost half a dozen brands of curry. While each one good-is always very underwhelming to the restaurant version. Marion’s is not only delicious but I love the packaging and that it is not just sauce. This green curry one came with a curry paste, coconut creme, dried herbs, and bamboo shoots. It was literally the easiest thing to whip up. I did chicken, asparagus, zucchini, onion, and bell pepper. Will be picking up again! 20 minutes and  dinner is served.

Currently Reading #GirlBoss Lily Herman: Whenever I scroll through twitter Lily is one of the first people I look out for. Her tweets are so on point. She not only writes political pieces for teen vogue but her social commentary is a breath of fresh air. She is doing serious big time important things. Give her twitter and writing a look.

Currently Not Eating Sugar: Right now I am doing a 7 day sugar cleanse with my mom and best friend. Instead of looking at every ingredient on every label I am trying to not reach for those work cupcakes, after dinner chocolate covered cherries, or submerge my coffee in sugar. It has been hard, and I honestly didn’t think I could do it. The first couple days I felt a little hangry and low energy. But am glad I am doing it just for the realization of how much additional daily sugar I consume. Not saying I didn’t look up Salt and Straw’s March flavors last night for post cleanse. But its little things.


Current workout: Pilates. I can not get enough of this workout. I love how reformers work and challenge your body. I also like how each Pilates class is different. Some are relaxed and feel good stretching, while some are more cardio intense. My go to has been Studio Pilates in El Segundo, because it is walking distance from my house.

Image result for pilates reformer

Current Makeup Addiction: Bold Matte Lipstick. Oh man, If one thing can transform my look- it’s lipstick. I love playing with different colors. Especially in the fall and winter when it is more acceptable to wear those moody burgundy’s, sinful deep reds, and daring berry shades. One of my favorites last week has been none of the above, but  the Bite Multistick from my February Sephora Play Box in Cashew-which is like a greige taupe-soo not my typical bright colorful shade.

Current Purchase: Carol’s Daughter Shampoo/Conditioner line. It is a little bit more on the pricey side, but It makes my hair so soft and it smells like almond Biscotti in the best possible way. Picked up the same brand but different scent  from Bed Bath and Beyond for around $9 with their coupon.

Image result for almond milk carol's daughter

GIFs that describe my life:

Drinking coffee without Sugar for the first time

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When you get to lay around in bed on the weekends without anywhere to go

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Getting postcards and mail from your friends

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When it is 70 degrees in LA and last year you were in snowy, cold Utah

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Friday Favorites 2.24.17

I am snuggled in bed drinking my freshly brewed-french press coffee. Saturday mornings are some of my favorite because there is no rush to be anywhere or get to work on time. I can relax in my pajamas forever. Anyone with me? I am off to a Farmer’s Market later this morning in search of some seasonal produce and maybe a breakfast pastry?  Hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing weekend. Here are some of my weekly favorites from the past week.

Greetabl. Ever wanting to tell a friend you love them? Or send an extra special thank you to a family member? Greetabl is just for that. They partner with local graphic designers and artisans to send mini boxes with a mini surprise to your loved ones. You pick out your print,  a mini-gift, and then write a message and choose photographs to include in the packaging. Check them out. Have enjoyed sending-such a nice way to say you care.

Image result for greetabl

Reading The South China Sea by Vox I love finding ways to continue learning post-grad. I recently read this article and watched this informational video on the South China Sea and was enlightened. I knew nothing about the subject. I love Vox’s informational videos-very well done! Give it a watch.

Image result for south china sea vox

The Ramen Joint Tonkatsu ramen. I could literally eat this ramen everyday. The broth is super fatty and rich, the pork literally falls apart it is so tender. The Ramen Joint also has the most perfect soft boiled eggs and brown butter corn. Oh man. Didn’t ever experience ramen until I moved to LA.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Perfume: I am so close to pulling the trigger on this. I got it in a Sephora box and the scent is so different from the fruity citrus I usually wear. Plus I got a compliment from a coworker this past week-I may have to treat myself

Image result for elizabeth nirvana rose




Currently January 2017

Never mind that it is midway through February and I haven’t blogged in ages (Woops). Sharing my current favorites and obsessions. One of which is self love. Currently snuggled in bed under a blanket tea in hand on this rainy Friday night.

Currently Cooking: One of the best things I have made recently was Everything Stuffed Chicken from Emily Bites. I tweaked the recipe slightly. (No frying-just baking, and no dredging in flour) I also used a pre-made TJs spice and it was heavenly. The chicken was so juicy, crispy, and all the best parts of an everything bagel-salty. I also loved it because it was super quick to put together. Will add it to my dinner rotation.

Image result for tjs everything bagel spice

Current purchase:  Went to a Lou & Grey for the first time this past weekend and adored the vibes and style of the store. I bought this pair of pants. They are so soft and the most comfortable to wear. I have loved styling them. The color is a soft grey and the most beautiful neutral. Feel so confident in them, am in love.

Currently Watching: This is us with Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimigila. Oh my gosh such an amazing emotional rollercoaster of a show. I thought I would hate it and boycotted starting it, but finally my BFF got me to watch it. It is one of those feel good moments. Beautifully acted and scripted. Love!

Image result for this is us

Currently Reading:  This newsletter is genius. Girls Night In combines all my favorite things. It is witty, pop culture savvy, and honestly a breath of fresh air between all the political garbage nonsense I read everyday. They are doing something great over there. Highly recommend.

Image result for girls night in newsletter

Currently Drinking: Frothed milk in coffee. I recently bought a $3 frother off amazon Prime and it has changed my life. I honestly don’t know how I went without one for so long. takes seconds and makes desk lattes feel extra bougie. Here is the one I bought.

Current Makeup addiction: My lovely friend gifted me the Too Faced Peach Palette for my 24th birthday and I have been using it non stop.  First glance some of the colors scared me but finding out how versatile it really is.

Current Skincare Shoutout: Caudaulie Moisturizer and Drunk Elephant serum. Too favorites of mine that I have recently finished.

Current workout: I never thought i enjoyed cycling. However I recently tried a FlyWheel class and it has changed my cycling perspective. I had such a lovely time and liked that it wasn’t too intense (No pushups on bikes—aka you soul cycle). Also plus side is that the studio felt super luxe and had lovely Bliss shower products-double win.

Current GIFs that describe my life:

Going into the weekend like

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when you nail a work presentation

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When you don’t eat all the candy as a single lady on valentines day

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But then go on social media and see all the lovey-dovey Valentines posts

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